...Bathtub Life Starter Kit (With a Promo Code!)

So, you want to live the #bathtubinfluencer life.

I got into baths a few years ago when I was pregnant with Paloma. Between an active pregnancy (lots of SoulCycle and Pilates) and carrying an extra 40 pounds around, my body hurt. I started out simple using bath salts, and then slowly added little luxuries along the way.  

  • The bath tray is key. Mine holds my bath salts, face scrubs, masks, essential oils as well as whatever media I am watching or reading (currently it is Scottish romance novels). This one can accommodate a wine glass too which is a bathtub essential in and of itself.
  • For cushioning, I am currently using this bath pillow, and a Bath Bean. The Bath Bean was invented by our Instagram friend, Tanya. Her luxury bathing accessory makes sure you stay put so you can "Bathe Better." Because Tanya is amazing, she took a chance on an unknown blog and is extending a promo code for all of you. Visit BathBean.com and use SOAKITUP (apply it after you type in your shipping address) to get free shipping on this must-have accessory. 
  • Now I love a bougie bath salt, but if you're starting out I recommend the Dr. Teal's epsom salts. They are under $5, leave your skin feeling soft, and they smell great.

I will be sharing more about my favorite salts, favorite masks and peels, but these are the perfect items to get you started. Happy relaxation!


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