Meet the founder

Ana Mari Ortega

AMO Jewelry

About the brand:

At AMO Jewelry, our vision is to redefine the narrative of fine jewelry, transcending traditional notions of luxury. Guided by the philosophy of our founder, Ana Mari Ortega, we envision a world where each piece tells a unique story and becomes a cherished part of life's journey.

We celebrate the beauty of simplicity and the extraordinary moments in everyday life, crafting jewelry that resonates with the genuine and approachable elegance our clients embody. Join us on a journey where luxury is not just worn but experienced, and where each piece reflects the personal connection we share with you.

As we continue to grow, our commitment remains—to innovate, to captivate, and to forge lasting relationships with our clients. At AMO Jewelry, the vision is to be more than a jewelry brand; it's about being a companion in the extraordinary moments that shape your story.

About Ana:

Born and raised in Miami, Ana Mari founded her jewelry collection in 2014. This accessible collection of jewelry is a reflection of Ana Mari’s sensibility - stylish, a bit playful, and timeless.

Ana Mari attended the George Washington University envisioning a life in international relations, until she discovered metalsmithing when her now-husband/then-boyfriend gifted her a jewelry making kit. She graduated and pivoted to a career in jewelry design after enrolling in Miami International University of Art & Design.

Inspired by her female ancestors, a love of chinoiserie, the Asturian countryside, and the belief that every day is made better with a touch of luxe, Ana Mari Ortega is a line designed to make you feel and look good.

As a mother of three, including twins, Ana Mari understands that life is busy and a quality accessory can spruce up an outfit. Each piece is imagined as a collectible that can be worn with your daily wardrobe basics or for an evening event.

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