...Holiday Gift Guide for Men by Jon Urgell

P.S. I'm starting with the p.s., I know. But it's important to note from the jump he thinks the below is too much flexing, and just wanted to be described as a lifetime AMO friend, makes you feel as good as a Hallmark movie, but this is my intro to him, not his. - Nikki 


When it comes to couth gifts for the men in your life, we don't really have what you need, but we do have suggestions for you. Introducing our man-of-culture-and-global-citizen-male panelist, Jon Urgell; and this is his 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Men:

For the visually-focused:

  •  A working Kodak Retina is a classic in so many ways…it creates unique memories that don’t live in your phone, or on social media, but on your wall, framed, or gifted. It also looks great in and of itself, either on your desk or bookshelf! Think of this as a tasteful start to what could be a life-long hobby:
  • A backgammon set not only looks great, but is an inviting way to engage with your guests over coffee (preferably Turkish). Why not put some money on it? ;)
  • Yes, this one is a book, but bear with me: this tabletop piece is a hit that most guests will flip through, and it’s a fun ice breaker at home or in the office:

For the outdoor enthusiast:

  • We’ve given Apple most of our hard earned cash over the years, so let’s give them a breather. A Garmin Forerunner (245 or 945) is an arguably much better attaché to your athletic endeavors than the Apple Watch. For the more data-centric: Try a Whoop 3.0 (on its own or in combination with a smartwatch); a hit with cyclists and those wanting more precise biometrics. 
  • Get a roadbike - Peloton doesn’t need your help increasing its valuation, plus your significant other is more attracted to you with a tan, than without one: splurge on a BMC Roadmachine and justify the expense with extra doses of Vitamin D (try a Specialized or Trek for a more cost-friendly version). 
  • Learn to Kiteboard: Think of it as skiing, but with a giant kite dragging you across open water. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a thrill to “sheet in” and get air time. Make a trip out of it: Get a lesson package at REAL Water Sports in the Outer Banks (OBX) / Cape Hatteras, NC. It’s is easy to get to, beautiful (there are west and east-facing beaches), and one of the best places in the US to go learn

For the one who saw Ford vs. Ferrari more than once:

  • Why not score a membership to your local classic car club? It’s an asset for your (or your guests’) IG Story, as much as a viable alternative to meeting friends at Soho House.
  • Sometimes, we all have a need for speed, and the Porsche Driving Experience is one of the best (and safest) ways to get it. Just don’t be too angry with your s.o. if a few months later, there’s a new “surprise” in the driveway that impacts your household budget.

For the gourmet (or gourmand):

For a more adventurous, “scent-ual” gift:

Try this candle that doubles as a massage oil or this wood-burning fire scented candle that will make you want to cozy up. 


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