...Starting A Blog

...Starting A Blog

While you can't buy long-lasting happiness, we believe you most certainly can buy moments of joy. And, for us, that starts with the art (and science) of the find. 

Not everyone likes to shop, we get it. Somedays even we don't like to shop; it can actually be tiring. The ridiculousness of this statement is not lost on us, but it doesn't make it any less true.

Rare days aside when we're just not up to shopping, the art of the find—be it something you've been on the hunt for or something you found on, what we affectionately call, the deep-dive down the rabbit hole—has it all! Discovery, learning, excitement, anticipation, risk, fury, and so much more. 

This also could be a big rationalization for a shopping problem, and we're totally aware of and okay with that; just wanted to address the elephant in the post. 

So, now that we've declared our love for finding new things, let's talk about why we're here. Not only do we love to find, but we love sharing what we discover. And, those who follow us on Instagram seem to love when we share, too! 

To that end, we're channeling that energy into a blog. Welcome to Lately, I'm Obsessed With...

We fall in love real quick around here and one might even say these love affairs turn into obsessions. Sometimes the obsessions last forever, and other times they are fleeting. In either case we will always treasure the moments of joy the finding brought (told you we can buy joy!) 

Fun fact: In jewelry making findings refer to the components—clasps, beads, jump rings, etc.—which go into the making of a piece of jewelry. This is actually where we got our name for the items we sell under Findings; love a good double entendre.

This post aside, we'll keep our blogs short and sweet in a listicle-type format. And generally we'll cover off on fashion, beauty, wellness, home design, fantasy shopping, fantasy travel, and, quite frankly, whatever shiny objects might catch our eye in the future. 

We hope you'll love reading this as much as we think we're going to love writing it. Feel free to comment or drop us a line at info@anamariortega.com. 

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