...Very Thoughtful Holiday Gift Guides

As much as we love and, if we do say so ourselves, excel in helping you find the perfect gift, when the tables turn and it's time for us to be the gift givers, it can be daunting.

To that end, here's a rolling short list of guides that we think you'd find very useful because we find them useful. You might even spot AMO, wink, among the lists.

  • Habitually Chic's first guide is out and, per usual, the roundup is thoughtful and comprehensive. I personally can't get enough of the Holly Dolly Cookie Baking Kit (there's no such thing as too much Dolly Parton in one's life), the super chic Shark Tank-backed Bala Bangles, and, having just finished The Queen's Gambit on Netflix, the chess set because HC is spot on. 

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