...A Fantasy Shopping Spree in Honor of Me!

It's my birthday and I can pretend if I want to.

I love "window" shopping on the internet for things I can't have, so I figured I would round up some of the latest things I have been lusting over and maybe *someone* (cough, Chef Marc) will peruse this...

  1. Maybe I am basic but I am a sucker for an orange box. I have been looking for black sandals and these are so classic and so comfortable (according to all the blogs I have read). This version, in a Tiffany-esque shade of blue, is also stunning.
  2. Continuing the orange box theme, I have been wanting this little scarf to pair with an all black outfit. Scarves are insta chic!
  3. Even though it is November, Miami remains warm and humid. I have been trying to embrace the caftan lifestyle and these are absolutely stunning.
  4. In a moment of weakness and impulse I purchased the gold version of these shoes with the heel, and now I want the flat version in all black because I am nothing if not extremely practical, right?!
  5. Ok, maaybe I am overdoing my love for all things Scottish but this jacket from Monse is perfect for my trip to the Highlands (whenever that happens.)
  6. Nothing combines my love of beauty and impracticality more than a Judith Leiber bag; any one of these will do.
  7. I love a cat-eye sunglass. I love one that combines black and tortoise shell even more.

If you see Marc, tell him there is a very short, seven simple things, list I would love to see crossed out for my birthday. 

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