...The Jacobite Chronicles

I have made my Scottish smut addiction very clear on my Instagram stories and on this blog. It is what is getting me through 2020 and I have no shame about it.

I just finished a series of six books, "The Jacobite Chronicles", by Julia Brannan. If you love Outlander (and I know many of you do) you will love this series. Six books may sound like a lot, but I got through each book in 1-3 days. The reading was easy, but it doesn't mean they were not full of romance, intrigue, history and lots of great characters. They were definitely less smutty than some of the other things I have read over the last 3 months, but the protagonist is a gorgeous, gentle Highlander who is also fierce and honorable.

If you need a distraction from life, head to your local independent bookstore (look them up on indiebound.org) download them on your eReader. Then send me a DM so we can discuss!

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