...Away Luggage (Up To 50% Off Until Sept 15!)

My entire career work has taken me all around the world. When you fly as often as I have, you become a picky pro focused on efficiently and effectively navigating everything about travel. From living on the east side of NYC to easily access LaGuardia (don't hate on my airport of choice, it has been nothing but good to me) to mastering the art of being the second-to-last person to board, I've got things down cold. 

It all starts with packing. For me, that usually happens less than an hour before I have to leave to the airport, and knowing exactly how to fit everything I need into the right suitcase.

My number one travel peeve is when a gate agent tries me (read: merely does their job) and makes me put my carry on in the sizer. Basically, I don't appreciate not being recognized for my expert travel know-how; this is unreasonable and ridiculous, I know. 

Enter Away. The Bigger Carry-On is designed to specifically "sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines." It has a pliable hard shell, wheels with 360 spin, TSA-approved charger, and internal compression. There's also a newer one with a pocket on the outside, which I would've definitely gotten had it been an option at the time. 

I'm adding the Everywhere Bag to my set, and Ana Mari just bought herself The Expandable Medium. If you've been looking for a new suitcase to go nowhere/practice packing for post-COVID getaways, check out the major sale (up to 50% off) going on right now through September 15. S/O to our friend Melissa for flagging the sale in a group chat!

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